Winner of the competition


Exhibition spaces, aquariums, amphitheater, shops, laboratory


SPL Sillages

Project Management Team

Baudin Châteauneuf (lead management) / Rougerie+Tangram (Architect)

Surface area

3 250 sqm


13 M€ excl tax

This new generation aquarium offers an immersive journey to the heart of the world of water to understand all the secrets of its metamorphoses. Following a playful and interactive path, the visitor slips into the skin of a drop that will take 1000 years to complete its world tour. And it is by contemplating the path of this molecule in all its physical states, water, ice, steam… that he explores many planetary ecosystems.

Oniria houses 83 tanks of all sizes (800,000 litres), 3500 individuals representing 660 species including corals, invertebrates, tropical fish and sharks.

The site, dedicated to education and entertainment, offers unique virtual and multi-sensory experiences that make immersion in the various environments even more realistic. In the “Sensation” areas, holograms and virtual sea monsters cross the path of visitors. 600,000 visitors are expected each year.