Winner of the competition


Polyvalent high school for 2 657 students


Rector of Mayotte



Project Management

Rougerie+Tangram, AR.O.M., Ingerop conseil
et Ingénierie, EODD Ingénieurs Conseils, Clic, Univers Durable Mayotte,
Neris Conseil, Espaces, Orfeo

Surface area

14 000 sqm


50 M€ excl. tax

The first urban piece in an area under development, the future highschool in the North of Mayotte in M’Tsangamouji assumes the expected urban status of a large public facility, and seeks maximum integration into the surrounding landscape.


The school is located on a northern slope, in a village fringe on the edge of an urbanized area, in a landscaped area powerful by its qualities and constraints.

The stress of flood hazards has guided the implementation of the program and accompanies the course of high school students in the inner paths.


The architecture of the project, resolutely bioclimatic, is based on the principles of frugality, density and material economy.

The use of bio-sourced and geo-sourced materials, natural ventilation and the control of solar inputs make it a particularly sober project.

Finally the consideration of the water cycle, and the desire to strengthen biodiversity sign the living character of this school.


In M’Tsangamouji, landscape, architecture and technique form a coherent and inseparable whole.