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Marseille (13)

Winner of the competition


Transformation of the Hôtel Dieu in Marseille into a 5 * hotel, housing and a car park.


Axa Reim France

The transformation of the Hôtel Dieu, a former 16th century hospital in Marseille, into a 5* hotel and residential complex, part of an urban planning project to reopen the site to the city, required an in-depth historical study.
The agency was involved in several capacities: architect, interior designer and landscape architect. The strength of the project was to bring the building into the 21st century while preserving its historical identity: to conserve, restore and enhance all the spaces of this listed and fragile building to make it the most majestic luxury hotel in the city.
The gardens of the Hôtel-Dieu were designed to highlight and reveal Hardouin-Mansart’s beautiful building. Particular attention has been given to the perspectives, towards the Old Port, Notre-Dame de la Garde and the building